Enter a botanical labyrinth of nearly one thousand plants and set on a quest to find those renowned for their medicinal properties.

Victoria pragensis is a temporary landscape within urban space. There are approximately 400,000 plant species worldwide, with nearly a tenth of them used for their unique medicinal properties. The aim of Victoria pragensis is to emphasize the precious yet fragile cultural heritage of medicinal plants as well as the role of greenery in the context of public space and contemporary urban design. Its name is derived from Victoria amazonica – the world's largest water lily – first discovered in 1801 by the Czech botanist Thaddaus Haenke who was among the first ones to have scientifically described Latin America’s flora to the European audience.

Concept | Juras Lasovsky

Ethnobotanical Supervisor| PharmD. Julien Antih, MRes

Horticultural Consultant | Jan Hanus

Production | Andrea Strelcova

Graphic Design |Jolana Sykorova

Photography | Jakub Nedbal

PR | Alexandra Strelcova

This event takes place in collaboration with the National Theatre as part of the Piazzetta 24/7 project, with support of the municipal district of Prague 1 and under the patronage of Eliska Kaplicky Fuchsova, representative of the Capital City of Prague.


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